We’ve talked about how adults can benefit from braces , too, but there are certain orthodontic problems that we see commonly in adults for which braces are the best solution. One of the ones we see most often in adults is crowding.

Crowded Teeth Can Be Easy to Hide

Many adults have relatively straight top teeth but over-crowded and sometimes crooked bottom teeth. Because the bottom teeth are not as visible, many folks reach adulthood without ever worrying about them. In other cases, both top and bottom teeth are crowded, but the resources weren’t there growing up to have the problems fixed.

Crowded Teeth Cause Problems

But crowded teeth aren’t simply an aesthetic issue.  Improperly spaced teeth can cause the following problems:
Increased tooth decay, cavities and gum disease
Strain on teeth, jaws and muscles
Increased risk of breaking a tooth
Inability to chew properly

The Causes of Crowded Teeth

Crooked teeth are usually caused by simple genetics.  Other causes include early loss of teeth, both baby and adult, poor dental work, gum disease, facial injury, and mouth or jaw tumors.  Crooked teeth can also be exacerbated by childhood thumb sucking, or using a pacifier or bottle beyond the age of three.

Straight Teeth Improve Quality of Life

No matter what the cause or when the problem is diagnosed, both adults and children can benefit from orthodontic treatment.  Increased dental function, better ability to keep up dental hygiene, and the confidence that comes with a smile full of straight, properly spaced teeth are just a few of the good things that come with braces.

Orthodontic Care for All Ages at Elrod Ortho

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