Choosing the right band color for your braces makes wearing them more enjoyable. With so many different color options and combinations, you can make your band color unique to your own personality.

Braces bands come in a variety of colors, choose one that matches your uniqueness! The rubber bands used in braces are more than just a fashion accessory. Rubber bands play a vital role in holding the wire bracket in place. The wire helps shift the teeth and provides proper control and placement for the braces. Whether you’re an adult or a student – choosing the right band color is important for everyone!

Adult Colors for Braces

Headaches caused by grinding teeth and improper jaw alignment usually push adults to consider braces. Or, some adults never wore braces as a youth, and want more confidence in their smile. Some adults choose to go with the Invisalign braces system which is an alternative to wire braces. But there are still plenty of adults that use the wire system, better know as the Damon System . For older adults, the color trends tend to be more neutral. Gray, navy and smoke are popular because they blend in well with the braces. To make teeth look whiter, some adults ask for bands that are in the yellow color family.

Youth Braces Band Colors

One of the favorite parts of having braces for my younger crowd is getting to be more edgy in their color choice. This part of the visit is usually their favorite. I have found that the younger the child, the louder the colors! I often find though that girls are a little more particular in choosing colors than boys. With a wide array of colors to choose from such as screaming pink to midnight glow, youth who have braces use band color to express their unique personalities.

Occasions for Braces Colors

There are many different ways to decide on a braces band color. I find that most people base their color choice on whatever occasion is coming up. Here are some examples: – Seasonal themes – School colors – Favorite sports teams – Big events such as dances, weddings, and parties

Combinations of Colors

The great thing about band colors is that there are so many different color combinations to pick from. For instance, if you are basing your color on a holiday, such as the 4th of July, try mixing in red, white and blue. Band color combinations are fun because you can change them easily on your next visit. Be sure to check with your orthodontist on how often you can change your color. Some offices let you change the color every visit and some every other.

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