You’ve spent months or maybe even years in braces creating a confident smile — so the last thing you want to do is lose the device that helps you keep it! Here are three surefire ways to help you avoid losing your retainer. Don’t play Where’s Waldo with your retainer. Use these tips to always keep track of it.

#1: Never Wrap It Up

While a retainer on the lunch table might not be the most appetizing sight, hiding it in a napkin is a quick way to accidentally send your retainer into the trash can. Do This Instead: Bring along a retainer case that you can quickly store in your purse or backpack during lunch.

#2: Don’t Be Random

While spontaneity is a good thing in life, it’s a bad thing when it comes to storing your retainer.  If you put your retainer in weird places, you’re bound to eventually forget it. Do This Instead: Create designated spots to keep your retainer.  Whether it’s a certain pocket of your backpack, a personal drawer in the bathroom or a special spot on your dresser, you’ll always know where it is.

#3: Don’t Forget to Wear It

If you’re wearing your retainer when you’re supposed to, you’re much less likely to lose it.  If you wait until your teeth start to feel uncomfortable to dig it out, you’re asking for more trouble than just remembering where you put it! Do This Instead: As your orthodontic team, we have your teeth’s best interest at heart — and that means yours, too!  So if we tell you you need to wear your retainer, we promise we’re not just trying to make you miserable.  The good news is, the more often you wear your retainer, the more second nature it’ll become!

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