Make 7&UP Part of Your Child's Healthcare Routine

When your child turns 7 they’re eligible for a complimentary evaluation at Blackburn Orthodontics. We can regularly monitor their teeth as they grow and develop through the identification of early warning signs. Together, we will ensure your child receives specialized care to create a healthy, beautiful smile for life.

Early Intervention
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    Warning Signs of Orthodontic Issues

    • Protruding teeth
    • Thumb sucking habits
    • Teeth crowding
    • Crossbite
    • Underbite

    7&UP Club


    Exam, doctor review, and check-ups are all complimentary


    Preventative intervention minimizes the risk of extensive future care


    Flexible hours, multiple locations, and easy appointment scheduling

    How Does Early Screening Help?

    While most 7-year olds don’t have a full set of adult teeth, orthodontic issues may already be forming. Many of these potential issues can be treated more quickly and easily with early detection. The 7&UP Club is designed to start a proactive approach to oral hygiene and health.

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