Braces may not immediately call to mind Hollywood Glamour, but there are plenty of Hollywood stars who have worn them — including young actress Dakota Fanning.

Fanning Happy to Talk About Her Teeth

Miss Fanning has never been shy about her teeth issues and has happily detailed her journey to a confident smile with the likes of Jay Leno, David Letterman and Ellen Degeneres. She required orthodontic treatment from a young age , in large part because she lacks an enzyme that helps the roots of baby teeth break down. Her baby teeth never fell out on their own, and her adult teeth began to grown in behind and around them.

Fanning Looked Forward to Braces

Her parents helped her have fun with the multiple teeth pullings by offering her gold dollar coins for each tooth pulled, and in her adolescence she was already looking forward to having braces. She even went so far as to ask her parents for fake braces for Christmas one year.

Fanning’s Transition to a Confident Smile

Eventually her orthodontic wishes came true and then some — complete with expanders, head gear, braces and retainers. And while the journey for Miss Fanning was long, there’s no denying the young girl with “crazy teeth problems” has blossomed into a beautiful young woman with a great smile. You can give your own child the same gift Dakota Fanning’s parents gave her — a fun journey to a beautiful, confident smile .

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