A look behind the scenes!

Hello! My name is Dustin Adams, and I am a Treatment Coordinator at Blackburn Orthodontics. I have been working at Blackburn Orthodontics since November and It’s been a great experience. My co-workers are the best and it’s fun getting to meet our patients at the beginning of their braces journey. Working with people to achieve the smile they have always wanted is a great feeling.

Outside of work I really enjoy playing video games. I also really like playing with my dog Oscar. He makes me smile every day. A fun fact about me, is that I have a saltwater fish tank! I have two Clown Fish and one Spotted Tailed Benny. I also have over 20 different pieces of coral.

I enjoy making people smile, and I love that I get to experience that every day at work. Smiles are our specialty. I look forward to connecting with you at your next appointment and helping you get started on your braces journey!


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