Wanted to do a little detective work on the bright smile of Mr. Edward Cullen. We have heard rumors about Robert Pattinson having orthodontic work done, but wanted to find out the truth.

Making the Cast

Pattinson’s teeth transformation began before the filming of the first movie. The directors of Twilight wanted Pattinson’s smile to be perfected before the film was shot and thus asked him to have orthodontic work done. Pattinson openly admits that he thought his smile was fine before the film, but in Hollywood perfection is everything!

The Toothy Twilight Zone

What type of braces did the British star sport? The plan was to have Pattinson wear Invisalign aligners . But during the process, Pattinson decided that he didn’t want to continue with the orthodontic work and quit using the aligners. This, unfortunately for Pattinson, lead him to encounter major relapse to his teeth later down the road. An experience he now regrets.

How to Avoid Regrets

While you may not notice Pattinson’s toothy dilemma up close and personal in Breaking Dawn Part 2, there are several things we can learn from Pattinson’s decision and regrets.

Own It

If you or your parents are considering braces for you, make sure it is something you are willing to commit to. Braces do take a lot of work, but the results are well worth it in the end. Also remember you are not alone. There are thousands of other pre-teens, teens and adults who wear braces, and wear them proudly!

Follow Through

The great news is that braces do not last forever! And if you are committed to following your orthodontist’s directions, then your smile will be well worth it in the end!

Results are the Key

Once you go through your full treatment you will be amazed at the difference your braces have made! Having a beautiful smile can transform not only the way you look, but can also do wonders for your self-esteem! And, we bet that when it is all said and done, you will know that all the time you put in was well worth the finished product, a beautiful smile! Unfortunately for Pattinson things did not turn out how he hoped or planned. He did not “own his braces” and he did not follow through on his treatment, leaving him with poor results and worse problems in the end. This week when you are at the midnight showing of Breaking Dawn 2 and you are wanting that bag of popcorn you know you shouldn’t eat, just remember that your efforts will generate great rewards when your braces come off!

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