A look behind the scenes!

Hi! My name is Tabitha and I am on the Patient Services Team at Blackburn & Elrod Orthodontics. Growing up I always loved going to the dentist and in school I was very successful in Science and Art. Joining the Blackburn & Elrod Team was a perfect fit for my career.

Outside of work I love being outdoors! Whether I am riding ATV’s with my three sons or being surrounded by a body of water, outside is where I like to spend my time! When I was younger I loved to play softball and travel all over the country with my competitive softball team. Those years were full of memories with a lot of sweat and joyful tears.

I can’t wait to meet you at your next appointment and learn all about you! We have the best patients at Blackburn & Elrod Orthodontics and we are excited to have you at our office.

Tabitha and husband
Tabitha in a tire
Tabitha with snake
Tabitha with family
Tabitha in pumpkin patch
Tabitha fishing
Tabitha with friends
Tabitha and family

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